Announcing New Leadership Posts Filled!

Please welcome me in congratulating our two newest HENhaus officers to their new positions!  
Thanks for volunteering ladies, I look forward to working with you!

Nathalie Hibberts Caswell has accepted the position of Secretary, and I can't wait to start working with her on the current HENhaus documentation, and the Articles of Association Draft for our upcoming Fall meeting.  Welcome Nathalie!

Allison Eckhart has joined us as Chairman of our new "20 and 30 somethings" committee, called CHICKhaus.  CHICKhaus will focus on serving the younger expat community, and expat women who aren't quite as "tied down" with kids, as many of us are!  Look out for announcements on CHICKhaus coming soon!  Welcome Allison!


Nathalie’s a British girl, originally from Stoke On Trent; which is famous for Oatcakes, pottery and is coincidentally twinned with Erlangen.

Nathalie studied Law and has worked in that area almost exclusively since she graduated, and she is currently taking a short break from employment to work on her German and do some voluntary work.

Nathalie moved to Germany in April 2011 with her husband who is currently on delegation with one of the large, international companies in the area. They have set up home in Erlangen and will be here for at least the next 12 months.

Nathalie describes herself as a self confessed geek, she says “I love to read and learn new things; the latter comes in very handy when you move to a new country. I bake at least once a week, take pictures of everything and seek out live music wherever I am.”


Allison was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, and attended Purdue University where she received her undergraduate degree in Business Management with a Marketing Concentration. 

Prior to moving to Germany, Allison lived in Atlanta, Georgia where she held a Marketing Communications position at a small technology company. 

After living in Atlanta for about a year and a half, her husband received a 3 year delegation opportunity with Siemens and they decided it was an opportunity they could not pass up! Allison and her husband moved to Nuremberg in January and expect to live here until January 2014. 

In her spare time, Allison loves meeting new people, traveling, staying active, reading, and trying new recipes. 

Summer Meeting Update

We had a GREAT time at our summer quarterly meeting, and I think everybody enjoyed our new meeting space at the Begegnungszentrum Erlangen, as well as our informative lecture and discussion on German culture!  We are hoping to engage Rebecca again for our Winter meeting to get more in depth on some of the topics we discussed!  So any ideas, questions or particular ideas are welcome!  Meetings will continue in the new space for the foreseeable future - look forward to seeing you all there again soon!

Fall Meeting is scheduled for September 28th - 10:00 to 12:00, we will be reviewing the first draft of our charter and articles of association!  Lots of input required, please feel free to send any input ahead of time!